Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today started out on a weird note with me waking up from a bizarre dream. I had slept over one of my best friend's house so I told him about it and had a good laugh. We hung out for a bit until he had to get ready to go to work and I decided to come home since my ASL partner and I weren't meeting up. Before leaving I realized that today is February 16, which might mean nothing to most of you, but for me and a really great friend it is the anniversary of when we met. Wehavent actually met in person, we met online through a common youtube vlogger. We talked a lot kind of daily and decided to exchange emails for google hangout. We were talking everyday and before we knew it months went by, a year went by, and now, today marks the second year. He has been a really fantastic friend and I am truly happy he is in my life. He can always make me laugh without trying and he never runs out of things to say. If it wasn't for him I probably would be updated with most pop cultural buzz. Ha ha. Honestly, he has been quite a blessing in my life. Those days where I'm in a funk, he can pull me right out of it. I hope I mean just as much to him as he means to me. I also hope that some day we could meet in person! That would go down in my life as one of the best moments. Love you SAAN!

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