Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm back!

Hey y'all! I'm back! I have been neglecting my blog a bit mostly because I have been super busy with school. It's the time of the semester where professors pack on a bunch of papers and exams along with midterms. Luckily, this Friday the 14th I have a fieldtrip....I have an exam too, but that's nothing because after I finish that exam I begin spring break! I'm still undecided what I would like to do for my spring break, but it will most likely consist of sleeping and watching full seasons of shows on Netflix. I'm excited for that. :)

This past week, on Thursday the 6th, I found a bat outside of my friend's house. I was a bit worried it was injured, so knowing the risks I was taking I put the bat into a box since it was noon, it probably wasn't going to go anywhere. When it got dark out I along with my friend's wife let the bat go. It felt nice knowing it probably has a better chance after helping it out. If I had left it there, it could have been eaten by a predator or gotten seriously injured.

Today I made a Vlog with a partner for our American Sign Language class. There has been noticeable improvements. That makes me happy, plus practicing is paying off. This Wednesday we have a test and I'm hoping I do well. I'm going to study, study  STUDY!! Well, "anywho", as my friend likes to say, just a quick catch up before Spring break!!!

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